Thursday, 21 July 2011

2 weeks and counting.....

The BIG move is getting closer, they even very kindly brought it forward a week for us!!!! So this last week has been busy fixing things around the house, to make it ready to rent. Why is it that you just make do with things around the house but then fix everything that is ok for you to live with, for other people?? Like my curtains for example they have been annoying me forever as they always fall of the curtain rings and I have been meaning to fix them for I don't know how long.... did I ever do it for me? NO but it is at the top of my list to fix now! I have also been busy selling furniture that will not fit into our new tiny little house or things that haven't been used in awhile. We had a very unpractical white leather lounge a reminder of our before children days, which had to go. It sold on Monday and since then Miss E has turned our front room into her play room! TOYS everywhere.
I think she must know something is happening as we had our first proper tantrum the other day and she has been a bit funny all week, as well as not sleeping again. I am beginning to become sleep deprived.... It's either the move or maybe the terrible two's have come early!!
If anyone has any tips on things you can do to help a toddler handle a big move to a new town, I would love to hear them. PLEASE help, all advice is greatly appreciated.

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