Thursday, 14 July 2011

Newborn Cuddles

I have just had a cuddle with my friends little newborn boy. I can't believe how fast our kiddies grow and how quickly you forget, how small they were. Miss E was in fact smaller by a pound when born, she was just over 7 pound. I know that's not small, but holding him I couldn't imagine how anyone could be any smaller. I love that newborn smell and that milk drunk look when they have a nice full tummy. I remember just spending hours watching her when she was born, sometimes with eyes propped open with match sticks... as a sleep deprived new mother. I was just in awe that we had made this little baby and couldn't take my eyes off her as I didn't want to miss a thing.

So now I am super clucky and can't wait to be able to add another addition to our family, but for now I thought I would share one of my favourite photos of Miss E. She was only a couple of months old here..... her mumma had good milk!!!  

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