Sunday, 27 March 2011

Which hat will I wear today.... cake decorator!

For those of you who don't know me, I love baking! I find it relaxing, it's my little escape from what's going on at the time as I focus on my creation, crossing my fingers that it turns out, hoping that it resembles something of a master chef creation (a winning creation of course) and above all else that it tastes delicious. Well becoming a mum has opened my eyes to 'ready to roll icing' and all the amazing things you can create with it. Let's face it birthday cakes can be expensive if you pay for someone to do it for you. So for Miss EJ's first birthday at the end of last year I decided to give it a go, let's put it this way it took me three evenings till after midnight to create it. When I had finished I was devastated that hubby had gone to bed as I was so excited to show it off... what to do, I couldn't drag him downstairs to take a peek and the thought of a sleep deprived mother carrying my new creation up the stairs... I had visions of face planting it down the stairs and having to buy a shop bought cake for her party the next day. So I took photos on my phone raced upstairs and climbed into bed very noisily trying to wake up hubby without actually poking him, "oh your awake, sorry didn't mean to wake you, but since you are, look at my cake!"
Anyway since then I haven't really had an opportunity to make another one, this week though it happened to be my sister's birthday. So I decided to tackle decorating cupcakes instead, thinking it would be easier to stop and start on them as I swapped between my mummy and cake decorator hats! Of course Miss EJ was in the kitchen to help with the cake making and chief taste tester as always. For my first time I was more than happy with the results, and the cupcakes were yummy. Watch out family and friends.... guess what your getting for your birthdays?

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