Saturday, 19 February 2011

Programmed for sleep...

Miss EJ has always been a terrible sleeper, even before she was born. Now I know what I am supposed to do as a parent to get her to sleep, as we have read every book you can think of related to sleep, we've tried relaxation cd's, calming sprays for the bedroom, we have been to sleep workshops, we have even tried controlled crying which we did for almost a fortnight, apparently it's not called that anymore it's now called controlled comforting, personally I would call it controlled heartache as it definately wasn't comforting for any of us involved.
There are times when the only way she would sleep, is if she slept in our bed. Everybody said you shouldn't do that, but when that's the only sleep you are getting, trust me, it's a brilliant idea and eventually after a month or two she grew out of it and we moved onto something else.
You see being new parents we were led to believe that our child was obviously faulty and must of missed being programmed for sleep 101. Especially when all you seem to hear is how other peoples babies are perfect sleepers and sleep through the night by the age of 2 months. I can assure you that is not what you want to hear when you are a sleep deprived mother.
You see Miss EJ just needs a cuddle to go to sleep, and well honestly, who doesn't enjoy a cuddle, before they go to sleep at night.
So instead of trying to conform to society and what the text books tell you on how you should put your little one to sleep. We decided to cherish those cuddles and that special quiet time we share each day, before nap time and bed time as I know all to soon my little Miss will grow up and eventually one day she will sleep through the night and won't need me to get her to sleep anymore.
So I suppose in the scheme of things, what's a sleep deprived year or two, when you are getting all those extra cuddles...

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