Monday, 4 October 2010

October is Buy Nothing New Month

This October the Salvos Stores' are having their very first 'Buy Nothing New Month'.  Obviously I am a huge fan of secondhand shopping - it saves you money and reduces the impact on our environment all at the same time!  But is it also the path to a life less stressful?

According to Clive Hamilton, author of Affluenza, When too much is never enough “The Western world is in the grip of a consumption binge that is unique in human history. We aspire to the lifestyles of the rich and famous at the cost of family, friends and personal fulfillment. Rates of stress, depression and obesity are up as we wrestle with the emptiness and endless disappointments of the consumer life.”

Hamilton says that while it takes some conscious effort, more and more Australians are choosing to ignore advertisers, stop wasting money on consumer products, and taking back the time to spend on things that really matter.

There’s never been a more perfect time to start shopping more sustainably and save some money in the process too. The Salvos have dedicated October as Nothing New Month . Their challenge is simple: don’t buy anything new in October. Nothing (apart from the essentials like food of course).This initiative aims to show that going green doesn’t have to be expensive, but that by adapting our attitudes, we can start on a money saving path to socially responsible consumption.

As busy parents it is not always easy to find the time to drive around searching for goodies at the different op shops, that is one of the reasons behind our online store. At From 1 Mum 2 Another you can browse, from the comfort of your own home, our everchanging range of preloved baby and kids wear. Our store is all about allowing customers to spend their time and money more thoughtfully.

So this October, think about where stuff comes from, where it is going and what the alternatives are.

Get into op shops, markets, garage sales, and online second-hand selling sites like to experience the joys of a life less wasteful!

For more information about the Salvos Stores' Buy Nothing New Month Initiative see their website  If you choose to participate in their challenge I would love to hear about it - share your comments with us here!

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