Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Welcome to the From 1 Mum 2 Another Grapevine!

I am very pleased to bring you the From 1 Mum 2 Another Grapevine.  As a new parent I find I am continually keeping an ear out for information, advice, ideas and tips in relation to everyday motherhood issues.  And when I find something that works for me and my family I love to share my newfound knowledge with others who understand and appreciate it.

It is my hope that this blog be a resource for parents that are looking for ways to stay organised, stay sane, and stay within budget.  I offer an open invitation for you to share your own tips, opinions and stories with our From 1 Mum 2 Another community.  Send your grapevine gossip to us anytime via the contact page on our website at

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